Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just who IS Reggie "Baby Pug" O'Malley?

Last week on the "Karyn Germain Weekly Newsletter" Facebook group, we held a contest for "Best Pug Picture." Somehow or another (I google-imaged "baby pug") I came across this horrific sight:

It was a pretty close competish, but I did NOT win, sadly. Anyway, ever since the fateful day that I stumbled across this tragic picture, I've been wondering, "just who IS Reggie "Baby Pug" O'Malley?" (besides being a guy with pretty much the most wicked name and nickname EVER.) So, here for your reading pleasure, is the only biography I can find for him online:

In 1927
Reginald O'Malley (known affectionately in Irish fight circles as Reggie "Baby Pug" O'Malley) became the youngest welter weight boxing champion ever crowned. Just three weeks shy of his eleventh birthday he knocked out Jimmy "the Dive" Valentine in the thirty-ninth round in Atlantic City on March 12th. Although he lost the title six months later (in a hotly disputed split decision to Rocky Balboa that was followed by a near riot in Jersey City), O'Malley remained a fan favorite for the remainder of his career. In July of 1945 O'Malley ws smuggled into Japan by submarine. His effort to act as a spy was cut short when the Japanese became suspicious because he did not speak the language. His execution was scheduled for August 15, 1945, and he was saved by the Emperor's decision to surrender. At present Reggie is a greeter at the Golden Mirage Casino in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
Quite a life our Reggie led! Also, what kind of breezing over the whole "him being convicted and sentenced to execution" thing??


  1. I suspect that he got out of the whole ''execution'' because he so good-looking and has such a dreamy smile. Such as myself.

  2. i'm too scared to comment.

  3. "...in a hotly disputed split decision to Rocky Balboa that was followed by a near riot in Jersey City."

    Rocky Balboa's really real?

  4. That's EXACTLY what I was thinking, Sharie. Isn't Rocky Balboa a fictious figment of Sylvester Stallone's imagination? Like "Rambo" or "Janice Dickinson".

  5. We all wish Janice Dickinson was imaginary..

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  7. Thank you, CHARLIE BLOCKHEAD!!!!!

    My "faithful followers" shall be voting soon.

  8. You have to make it into the Top 10 first, duhs a'hoy.

  9. Rocky was based on a real boxer by the same name, but I don't think the real Rocky ever fought Mr. T or made 5 sequels to his movie just so he could hang around Hollywood for a while longer.

    Also, he could speak coherent English.

  10. Sherri - Top 10 is pretty much a given. Just look, in the other poll, I have FIVE votes. So. I'd like to see someone try to beat THAT. Yeah, exactly. They can't. So... who's duhs a'hoy now? You, that's who.


  11. p.s. Charlie BLOCKHEAD, I think it's 2008 now. DUH.

    ;) ;) ;) ;)

  12. charlie blockhead has a tendency to 'live in the past' as some say.


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