Monday, April 28, 2008

Hot Dogs Vs Wieners: the rematch

The Poll has officially been re-counted and the NEW results show that hot dogs can be used to describe both the wiener and the wiener bun combination. That is all.

I don't really get this cartoon, but I think it perfectly sums up this issue. Also, it really makes you think.


  1. You'll notice that the weiners are not pointing to themselves and saying "hot dogs", they're pointing at something else. Most likely one of their friends getting it on with a bun.

    So even the cartoon thinks that a weiner alone is not a hotdog.

  2. Maybe they're pointing to a bunch of hot dogs in the sky sans buns. Ever think of that, ADAM??

  3. I agree Sherri. I think they are pointing to hotdogs (sans buns) flying through the sky. I imagine there are about 58 flying in a V shape.

  4. Also, I'd like to finally say that I agree with Sherri about the whole 'hotdog' debate. They can be either or.

    On a side note, I DO like to use the word 'wiener', but only during sexual relations with a man, and I like saying it a throaty whisper. I'm pretty sexy in bed, I guess.

  5. Thank you, Sara, for the hot dog endorsement and for grossing me out slash arousing me.

  6. Goodbye. I hate you both. Have fun falling in love with each other over hot dogs / wieners.

    (NOT. Do NOT have fun falling in love, etc.)


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