Monday, April 14, 2008

Best Blog of All Time??

Karyn would like to thank everyone for voting for HER BLOG in the Blogger's Choice Awards! NOT. She would NOT like to thank you*, because 99% of you haven't voted.

An afternoon visit at Route 99 Diner revealed an angst-ridden Karyn who, after a couple of calming jammy jay's (pankcakes with jam), realized that you need to log-in to the website in order to vote. And that is an awful lot of trouble to go to for someone...regardless of how much you like/dislike them. Am I right?! When asked about this, Karyn replied with a hearty, jam-filled grin, "Well, to be honest, I didn't even want to log-in to that site. And it's MY blog. So I can totally understand why only four people voted. Gawd. Who would? For THIS piece of crap?? .... don't add that last part to the quote, okay?" "Okay," said Sherri. "I won't add that part." <*
note to self: take out the 'piece of crap' part before posting this>

On a lighter note, Karyn finds one of the nominations for "Best Blog of All Time" extremely amusing. "Yeah! That's hilarious," said Karyn over a plate full of sloppy joes at Route 99 Diner, AFTER she'd eaten all those jammy jay's. Just saying. "Best Blog of All Time!!! I seriously laughed for about twelve minutes over that one. I mean, my blog is really, really good.. no question about that... but 'the best'? Probably. Ohhhhhhhh YEAH!!!!" At this point in the interview Karyn held up her hand for a "high five." I declined. Her hands were filthy.

*Special thanks to Eric, Mike and Bob for voting in the online poll.
You must really like Karyn. Or be real bored.


  1. Wow. This blog really "drummed up" some votes.

    NOT. It did NOT.

  2. I voted out of love AND a boring job! And an insatiable love of registering for things! And a healthy dose of drinking alone!

  3. Hey Karyn. That's a good use of NOT. NOT. Just kidding. It really is a good use of NOT.


  5. I bet it's Christie again.

  6. Christie would have said "sheath".

  7. Pork Sword? I wonder what kind of dipping sauce that comes with.

  8. What is this?? I go away for like, 9 minutes, come back only to find I'm being blamed for vulgarity. Well, PORK THIS Karyn Germain Blog readers!!!

    Also, Pork Sheath is brilliance.

    By the way, this is Christie.


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