Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Dear Karyn,

Recently it has been brought to my attention that I'm getting a reputation as being a bit of a "player." Probably because I tend to go for a few different girls at the same time. How can I convince whatever girl I'm with that I'm really a wholesome guy and only interested in them, but at the same time invite someone else over the next night?


Hated for Being a Player in the Game

You have quite the predicament there. When I am unsure of what advice to give, I often turn to a really special musical artist (also a fabulous song writer) that I hold close to my heart. And, as Shaggy says, "Just say it wasn't you."

But she caught me on the counter (It wasn't me)
Saw me bangin' on the sofa (It wasn't me)
I even had her in the shower (It wasn't me)
She even caught me on camera (It wasn't me)

Yeah, I can't see what could possibly go wrong with this advice.



  1. Firstly, why would you tell someone you are 'only interested in them', if you are clearly not? I don't think there is anything wrong with dating a few people at once (and I use the word 'dating' loosely here). Telling someone you are interested in 'only them' is lying. Why not just flat out say that you want to have a fun, no strings attached relationship? You might be surprised at how many woman are up for this. This way, if you get 'caught' you simply say ''baby, I told you from the beginning I wasn't looking for anything exclusive''. Also, the type of woman who is up for this kind of situation is probably very confident and freaky in the sack. The only thing is that you have to be willing to not be the only man in her bed.


  2. Or you could just say "It wasn't me."

  3. Shaggy is a poet, scholar and gentleman.

  4. gosh I wonder who asked that question.... :)>

  5. I wonder who "anonymous" was. Adam- who did you piss off recently?

  6. To sound more convincing when you say 'it wasn't me', make sure to do pelvic thrusts and try your best to sound exactly like Shaggy.

  7. Yes, you can never go wrong with a good pelvic thrust. Also, tear-away pants always add a certain je ne sais quois..

  8. Also, try having a friend along with you to interact with on a lyrical level... you know, rap to each other. Or, one can 'sing', the other can 'rap'. The rapper being you of course (''it wasn't me''). This way, you'll be sure to convince your lady friend that it in fact WASN'T you. Gosh, I can't tell you how many times I've fallen for that one.

  9. Was it seriously that transparent that it was me? Also, I asked that question back when the KGWN was an email like 6 months ago and am just getting a response now. I'm not like that anymore. Also, what are you doing later?

  10. Adam... who are you talking to? Me? (anon)


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