Friday, April 4, 2008


Dear Karyn,

I am an online dater of sorts and just received the following provocative message from a very handsome golf instructor with blonde glowing locks and rippling biceps:

“Wow! Ur gorgeous…great smile…great body…wanna get naked???

I’m conflicted. On one hand he’s dreamy and probably a really good option for getting naked with. On the other, he used “Ur” instead of “You’re” which is such a major turnoff. How should I respond? GO.

Never Nude


Dear Never Nude,

Although I am usually a HUGE proponent of gettin naked with strange online men after one email is exchanged, I am going to have to say the opposite this time. I DO NOT think you should get nude and/or naked with this man. His use of grammar is atrocious. Just think... if he's that careless with his words, how careless do you think he'll be when he's using his rippling biceps on you in the sack??? (Wait. What are biceps again? That's his man part, right?)




  1. Hey hey now, lets not be so hasty. I have had a lot of experience in this department... and by a lot, I mean really not very much. Look, I guess what I'm trying to say is that a picture of this 'bicep' might help. And by bicep, I mean man part.


  2. Yes. Post picture please. THEN the appropriate advice can be given.


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