Thursday, April 3, 2008

Words That Make Me Laugh...

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I posed a question to you, dear reader, re: what you would like me to talk about in an upcoming blog. The votes have been tallied (all 12 of them) and the winner is *do da do dooooo* ...

Words that make me laugh!

Pig: This is #1 for me. If you ever say the word "pig" to me, even if it's a horrible context like "Karyn, you're a stupid fat pig!" or "Karyn your face is covered in slop, like a pig's" I will most likely laugh. The word is sooo cute and dumb. I just love it. (p.s. if I ever slip up and call YOU a pig, it's meant only with love. )

Genevieve: Yes, I realize this is a REAL name and not so much a "word." But it makes me laugh. hahahaha. Genevieve! ... Also, Jenica. What kind of name is Jenica? Dumb. That's what kind.

Also: "Also" is just a great word to add to a thought when you're too lazy to actually incorporate it into a real sentence. e.g. This blog is pretty well written and hilare. Also, awesome.

UGH: Ugh is what I like to call a multi-WORDpose word. That means it's multi-purpose, but I made it better by turning it into a clever pun. "Ugh" can be used when things are cute: "UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH that pig's curly tail is both soft and moist!" Or when something is gross: "UGGGGGGGGGGGH that picture Adam posted of cat testicles is SICK." See? Multi-WORDpose.

Terms that make me laugh:

Stupid Idiot: This one is soooo dumb. It's sooooooo mean, for one thing. Second, it's soooo redundant. But if someone calls you a "stupid idiot" you're way too hurt to point out the redundancy and that makes me laugh on both levels! Hahahahaha!

Hung to the Tits: A term used for being hung over. I don't think this one makes me laugh as much as it makes me cry and cringe. Also, shudder, re: hanging anything off of "tits."

Burn Ward: Yaknow, when you say a sweet burn to someone and then you say "Hey, hope you enjoy your stay in the burn ward. And I really hope that the jello that they serve you in the BURN WARD tastes good and doesn't further BURN you, because I already just burned you bad enough. And let's just hope that the sheets in the BURN WARD are nice and cool against your stupid burnt skin." That's a really hilarious thing to say to people. Also, a super good burn.

Ever hear of it?: This is just a really smart, really clever saying to add to the end of something. Like when someone asks you what time it is, you can say "It's time to get a watch...EVER HEAR OF IT?" Also, it's real rude and Sherri hates it. :D

I have to piss like a race horse in a rain storm: This is a pretty polite saying, I guess. Also, it's a real saying. And I like it. So suck on that.

Suck on that: I don't know what the "that" is, but I always like to imagine it's a pig. Then I smile to myself, sit back and throw another log on the fire. I'm going to end this blog real classy-like.


  1. Ok, I'm going to make a more clever comment in a minute, I just wanted to establish that I was in here first. This is a clever comment placeholder. You can't force these things.

  2. Karyn.... 'that pigs tail is both cute and MOIST'?!

    I'd like to know how I can go about adopting you. I'll give you a room in my house with wall paper covered in tiny baby pigs, some will have tiny angel wings, others will have slow sleepy smiles and curly moist tails. The ceiling will be baby blue with painted flowing dreamy clouds, and you’ll sleep in a giant crib that has a mobile with tiny little pigs and even tinnier Scottish fold kittens staring down at you as you fall gently asleep. For your clothes, you'll wear one piece pajamas with rubber feet and a flap bottom, and of course, a giant baby bonnet. Also, I’d like to marry you.

  3. hahahahahahahahaha. SHUT UP.

    I am sitting at my desk, heaving with silent laughter. HEAVING with it.

    Also, I accept both offers - to be your baby, also to marry you.

  4. Oh yay. You and flying baby cheese girl will make lovely siblings.

  5. Dear Karyn.
    (It's kyley. I don't know how to make that obvious as a user name, so I'm just stating it ahead of time to avoid confusion.)

    I love you.

    Yours truly,

  6. Dear anonymous Kyley,

    I love you as well. Quite a bit, actually.


  7. How did "dumb" not make the list? You are constantly referring to me as dumb.

  8. Ahh, good point. I DO call you dumb and you are, in fact, quite dumb.

    I guess that word slipped my mind because I pretty much use it as often as I use the word "the."


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