Monday, March 31, 2008

Karyn Germain's Weekly Newsletter - Reprint Week 2

For all of you who did not subscribe to the Karyn Germain Weekly Newsletter by sending an email with "SIGN ME UP, SCOTTY" in the subject line, here for your reading pleasure if a re-print of the Karyn Germain Weekly Newsletter from October 2007.

Hello !

You have received this sweet newsletter from a magical automated machine.Thank you so much for subscribing to KARYN GERMAIN'S WEEKLY NEWSLETTER!

This edition introduces you, dear reader, to a NEW FEATURE! The feature is called "Ask Karyn." If you have any questions - about life, love,friendship, work, acne, erectile dysfunction... anything... just ASKKK KARYN!!! You can email all questions (your name will remain anonymous... unless it's really juicy) to

Karyn has been pleasantly surprised by all of her subscribers! "Oh, yeah,it's been just great!" says Karyn over a donut and a cup of joe. "I mean,sure, about 89% of the subscribers were forced or coerced or tricked into subscribing, but I think they're happy about it. Or they will be in the longrun. Maybe not yet, not now, but... just you wait. ... Are you going to eat that long john?"

It was Karyn's 28th birthday on September 2, 2007. She and a bunch of friends went outfor supper and then to the bar for some sweet dancing and plenty of rich, hearty laughs. When asked how she was enjoying the evening, friend Christie Moncrief said, "Yeah it's okay. I mean, it's not that fun but I don't mind being here. It's not terrible. Where else would we be on a Sunday night, anyway?" Karyn wishes to thank all those who showered her with gifts and/or gifts.

Karyn's trip to the zoo last weekend was a resounding success... with one exception. She did not get to see the red panda cubs! The pandas have been featured several times in the local news rag, but clearly do not exist. Germain searched high and low for the little "popcorn pandas" - even looking in the animal nursery. I guess we all learned a valuable lesson from this: Sometimes when zoos say that they have baby red pandas bouncing around like"pieces of popcorn", it's just a scheme. A dirty gimmick to get your $3 admission fee. ... see you next summer, zoo!!! :D

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